The starting point

How is a good blog organised? What is the point of a blog?

I’m aware that I am a tiny drop in a very large ocean of blogs and vlogs. It has taken me a long time to decide whether I need a blog and what my blog should look like. After a long career as a graphic designer, there is always the temptation to design the blog and include pictures. I decided that if I want to cut ties with my designer past and focus purely on my writing career that this blog should be words alone.

I completed a Master of Arts, Writing at Swinburne University of Technology in 2015 and since that time I have written very little. That is not to say, writing has not been on my mind as it has been a daily question of which direction to go in and how to make that happen. I have scoured the employment sites, considering positions such as content writer, communications officer, digital writer and copywriter. I have also kept an eye on writing competitions and opportunities.

With this blog I want to showcase my work without diminishing it’s value. The course has shown me what kind of writer I am and after distilling that over the last 18 months, I know that I love life writing, history writing, story telling and research. I enjoy delving into the depths of a topic and crafting my work in detail so that every word of every sentence, paragraph and page is meant to be there. I have four pieces of work that I’m focusing on at the moment which will develop into either compilations of short stories or complete novels.

Journalism was the first unit I completed in the Masters program and I was unexpectedly smitten with the discipline. I suppose my love of broad research and my keen interest in social causes, politics and ordinary people’s lives, leads me to researching and writing articles.

Art, music and film have been great loves of mine. I have studied art and design extensively and worked in film and television, advertising, graphic design, as a fine artist and lecturer so it would come as no surprise that I can articulate a review of a creative production with ease.

At this stage of my writing career I am open to opportunities to see where they take me.

Please let me know if you find a spelling or formatting error in my blog.