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Film Review: The Page Turner

Written and Directed by Denis Dercourt, co-written with Jacques Sotty,

Released 2006

Genre: Drama / Suspense / Art House / Foreign

The Page Turner appeared on SBS television one night and I began watching it, rather absent-mindedly. By the end of the film I found myself ‘glued’ to the screen, wanting to know more. I wanted to know who wrote this story, who directed it and why, as much as I wanted to know more about the protagonist, her childhood and her future.

Music Review: Kronos Quartet: Floodplain

“We are ‘living in a bad time for practising the intimate, introspective art of the string quartet’. So writes UK broadsheet journalist at the dawn of the twenty-first century. He is talking, be it said at once, about the difficulties of making a living solely as a professional chamber ensemble that plays the classical repertoire and, though despairing of dwindling public interest, and of string quartets selling out to razzmatazz and pop, he ends with an optimistic assessment of fresh idea for drawing in new audiences.”[i]

The Kronos quartet has certainly managed to rise to the challenge of renewing the relevance of the chamber ensemble in the twenty-first century. Founded in the 1970’s by violinist David Harrington[ii] whose inspiration draws from a broad cross-section of musicians and genres such as jazz, rock, 20th-century masters, contemporary composers and his key motivation for forming Kronos “hearing George Crumb’s Black Angels, a highly unorthodox, Vietnam War-inspired work featuring bowed water glasses, spoken word passages, and electronic effects.”

[im] mortal mortal: Pauline Lavoipierre

Intrude Gallery, 26 November – 7 December 2004

Chasing the uncanny

Pauline Lavoipierre works in photographic, digitally manipulated prints along with sculptural forms. She uses a combination of latex, moulded plastics, plasticine, foam, paint and Vaseline. In previous explorations, Lavoipierre has looked at voodoo, cults, dolls, and other uncanny fields. Lavoipierre’s inspiration is derived from a bizarre range of visual and literary references which border on the unthinkable, untouchable and unviewable.